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Brand new features are easily accessible, yet there’s still enough to do. The application can display information gathered from multiple services, as well as generate a report providing specific data in tabular form. However, the inability to display websites is a bit of an issue, and their absence from the main interface is a major bummer.Download Link BuilderLink Builder Screenshots:Q:Filtering postgreSQL json objectsI have a table postgresql's jsonb column, with the following schema:CREATE TABLE places( id SERIAL, name JSONB NOT NULL, ...);The name field contains quite a number of keys with place-specific data.The table contains some 60k entries. Suppose I want to extract only the places that have a specific key, e.g. restaurants with a "locality" key containing "London".I would expect to retrieveid | name | locality rather than id | name |...Unfortunately, the only operators available to query JSON data seem to be the usual ones, e.g.SELECT p.locality,, ...FROM places pWHERE p.locality -> 'London'SELECT p.locality,, ...FROM places pWHERE p.locality? 'London'What's the most efficient way of achieving this?A:To solve this, I would:1) Bring the json_array_elements function from the JSON module into core Postgres and make it available in your session. This will allow you to use it without needing to set the relfilenode parameter for readonly_filenode (which is not in core).2) If you need to do this on the server side, instead of 08929e5ed8

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